Clifton Club

A tribute to The Gentlesportmen™ community

The «Gentlesportsman™» community



The Clifton Club film conveys the spirit of a “club” comprised of accomplished athletes who enjoy life and all it has to offer. Values of camaraderie, simplicity and true elegance are at the heart of the Baume & Mercier, alongside those who wear the timepieces:

The individuals featured in the film are sportsmen who are friends in real life. This ensures authenticity in capturing the spirit of Clifton Club. There is nobody better than a group of passionate athletes who embody the beauty of movement and the pleasure gained from practicing their discipline beyond the competitive world.

To create this “club”, Baume & Mercier identified highly motivated and true sportsmen, many of whom also work with charities and remain accessible in their local communities; individuals with whom all men can easily identify. The Clifton Club watch has become a symbol of belonging to this male community with its urban yet sporting lifestyle.




With this in mind, Baume & Mercier has created a community of “gentlesportsmen”: ambassadors from the international world of sports who embody these values and this spirit. This is more than a collection of sports watches: with the Clifton Club, Baume & Mercier wants to share a human experience with as many people as possible. Here, we introduce you to these motivated sportsmen who have chosen the Clifton Club as a symbol of belonging to a community in which sport is, above all, a pleasure.



MORGAN HELLEN  - United Kingdom

Rowing, Gold Medal World University Championships / 2016 

At the 14th World University Rowing Championships in September last year, the Men’s Four was won by Team GB: Oliver Knight, William Warr, Thomas Ford and Morgan Hellen. Twenty-five-year-old Hellen is passionate about rowing and is preparing for the next Olympics in Tokyo, while remaining dedicated to his architecture studies.

“Being part of the Clifton Club is much like being part of a rowing team or boat. We all share common ethics, morals and goals. Whether you're putting on your rowing kit or your Clifton you feel the same sense of pride.”




RACE IMBODEN - United States

Fencer, Olympic Bronze Medal Rio / 2016                                

Race Imboden was born in Florida and lives in Brooklyn, New York. At just 23 years old, he is one of the world’s leading fencers. He competed in the 2012 Olympics and won bronze in Rio last year. Imboden exudes precision and elegance. His second passion is modelling.

“The Clifton Club perfectly mirrors the strength and beauty I find in fencing.”







JOE KINDER - United Kingdom

Professional Climber & Photographer

Joe Kinder is a professional climber and passionate about photography. He lives in Berkeley, California. Driven by his passion, Kinder is constantly stretching his limits in order to fulfil his dreams. He loves challenges and relishes every step of the tasks he sets himself. Success is his only goal. The pleasure he gains from his accomplishments combined with the discovery of new places makes him truly fulfilled. Kinder is also an accomplished aesthete who is interested in art, photography and painting.

“The Clifton Club is a representation of my pride in style and class. My Clifton is attached to me and my personal style and is part of my every day.”





Gentleman Driver

“Live your life with the same passion every day”: this is the motto of Andrea Mazzuca, who has invested in a marketing agency at the age of 23. A self-motivated entrepreneur at heart with a passion for classic sports cars, Mazzuca has created the "gentleman driver" style, designing a range of articles for men from ties to driving gloves, all with his personal Italian touch. It is possible to live one’s dream.

“Every Gentleman should match his style with his ambition! I consider the watch a masterpiece for a gentleman who is always looking for authenticity, with a personality focused on the impressive details inspired by the Shelby.”





Six-time World Champion
of Freestyle Football /
2011 - 2016 

A six-time world champion of freestyle football, Gautier Fayolle has become the Frenchman to watch in this emerging discipline. In addition to his passion for the sport, Fayolle enjoys working with young people and sharing with them the values that guide his life choices. He now works with the French youth sports league to host competitions and meetings.

"I have always based my decisions on principles that are important to me, and my passion and my dreams come first. These are values we each share with the Clifton Club. I am not just wearing an elegant watch on my wrist, it is a symbol and recognition of the work I have achieved, because it reminds me of the energy and passion I have put into every
minute of training."




Sprint Canoeist, Olympic Gold Medal Rio / 2016

Saul Craviatto is a Spanish sprint canoer and twice Olympic champion. He was named “Man of the Year” by GQ in 2016 and ranks among the world’s 20 sexiest athletes. Recently married, he embodies the values of elegance and success. Craviatto is also committed to promoting sport and a healthy lifestyle for children.

“It’s style fits perfectly with my daily life, no matter if we talk about training or special events. I’ve wear it everyday since I got it.”






TOM BOON - Belgium

Hockey Player, Silver Medal Rio / 2016

Tom Boon is a Belgian field hockey player who is usually positioned as a striker. He has been one of the key players on the Belgian national team since 2008, winning silver at the Rio Olympics in 2016. According to the International Hockey Federation, Boon is one of the top ten players in the world.

“What I like about the Clifton Club is its elegance with a sporty touch. It fits perfectly with my Gentlesportsman™ style. I like to feel I belong to a team who represent the same values.”








Canoeist “Slalom Category”, National & Panamerica Champion

Pepe is a 24-year-old, Brazilian Canoeist in the Slalom Category, who was recently one of the finalists on the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. For three consecutive years, he was elected the best athlete in Canoeing in Brazil, holding the title of a 10 times National Champion and four times Pan-American Champion. Pepe is actually preparing for the next Olympic Games in Tokyo, while finishing his studies in physical therapy.

“One of the aspects I love about canoeing is the importance of preciseness. Clifton Club and canoeing both share this core value. The watch is comfortable, easy on the wrist, and it helps me to keep accuracy of my time while training and competing.
It matches perfectly
my style
and sporty attributes”


The Universe 






The days when sport simply meant, sweat and competition, are over. Today, men love participating in sport just as much for its health benefits and social dimension as for the positive values and sense of elegance it promotes.




A sport is not only about the time spent on the field or court. Celebrating a triumphant win, or suffering a grueling loss brings the team together. Today, playing a sport is a time to share efforts, work out strategies and set personal and collaborative goals. This is the new spirit of sports and the “Gentlesportsman™” who play.









With this rallying spirit, Baume & Mercier unveiled its new collection of Clifton Club timepieces. The Clifton Club is as multitalented as a “Gentlesportsman™” who grasps everything life has to offer without watching the clock. Designed for adventure, resolutely contemporary, refined and athletic, the Clifton Club elegantly portrays this new spirit of sport while upholding traditional watchmaking principles. The Clifton Club timepiece is accurate, high performing and robust, with an athletic look and a stylish shape.

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The Products 


High-end finishes, sporty attributes




Powered by a Swiss-made mechanical self-winding movement with date function, the Clifton Club elegantly revives sporting values while upholding traditional watchmaking principles.

Hewn in very high-quality stainless steel (316L), the case has a well-balanced diameter of 42 mm and a 10.3 mm thickness to slip discreetly under a shirt cuff.

Continuing the line of traditional shapes in the Clifton collection, the horn-to-horn bevel that runs around the case echoes the elaborate curves of the watch. In the same vein, the integrated crown cover fits perfectly with the sporty, refined shape of this timepiece.

To enliven the dial, the edge of the flange and seconds hands are decorated with an orange varnished finish.
For optimal visibility both day and night, the riveted indexes, hours and minutes are filled with Superluminova* SLN C1 green emission.

Fitted with an “All Road” calfskin strap, a three-row stainless steel bracelet or with a black vulcanized rubber strap, the Clifton Club is a fully polyvalent watch.

Lastly, the unidirectional engraved bezel and 100 meters water-resistant are the final attributes that make the Clifton Club the watch you’ll never want to take off.

* Superluminova is a registered trademark which does not belong to Baume & Mercier