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Baume & Mercier

View Baume & Mercier Saga #1 - Our Swiss Heritage
Baume & Mercier Saga #1 - Our Swiss Heritage
It’s about a visionary family in the heart of the Swiss Jura. From their first comptoir in 1830 to their presence overseas, the Baume family was ahead of their time and will leave their mark on the watchmaking industry for the years to come. Follow our 36 stories to discover the essence of our Maison, next episode coming soon!
View Baume & Mercier Saga #2 - Our Legacy of Duos
Baume & Mercier Saga #2 - Our Legacy of Duos
It’s about a succession of duos. Two Baume brothers following the path of their ancestors who drove the Baume Maison to the success it deserves. From Geneva to London, from India to Australia, the Baume family spread their watchmaking philosophy all around the world. Keenly aware of the potential represented by new territories, the company set up a Branch in London under the name “Baume Brothers”. It soon expanded throughout the British Empire. By the late 19th century, the company had already acquired a solid international reputation as becoming an inescapable watchmaking player broad. From two brothers to two friends, two mind, two personalities, following the family motto, William and Paul forged a fine reputation through the creation of exceptional timepieces featuring the latest innovations. Follow our 36 stories to discover the essence of our Maison, next episode coming soon!
View Baume & Mercier Saga #3 - Our Definition of Balance
Baume & Mercier Saga #3 - Our Definition of Balance
1918. It’s about the genesis of the Baume & Mercier style. William Baume, the watchmaker and Paul, the beauty lover. When they met in 1918, our two modern founders decide that they had to combine the unique approach to excellence from the Baume family to more attention to the esthetic aspect of its timepieces Paul Mercier addressing this question to William Baume in 1912 during their first meeting: “People want freshness, beauty and lightness. “A perfect balance between technical quality and contemporary esthetics, that is what the brand we make should be” William and Paul…two different yet complementary minds that will create the balance between design signatures and utmost quality. Since then our Maison bears in its genes this commitment to excellence, this care to quality, this love for beauty and this passion for shapes. Follow our 36 stories to discover the essence of our Maison, next episode coming soon!
ABOUT Baume & Mercier

Founded in 1830 at the heart of Swiss Jura, Baume & Mercier enjoys international renown. From its workshops at the heart of Swiss Jura to its headquarters based in Geneva, Baume & Mercier offers its clients the very finest timepieces. Born by a complementary balance between an artistic approach to shape and watchmaking innovation in the service of the client, the Maison continues to mark the history of watchmaking by passing down the design and watchmaking expertise that is the Brand’s legacy. This savoir-faire perfectly corresponds with the spirit of cooperation between our founders William Baume & Paul Mercier: where classicism meets creativity, tradition meets modernity, and elegance meets character... In a more contemporary way than ever.

To learn more, please visit www.baume-et-mercier.com