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View Baume & Mercier Saga #25 - Leisure
Baume & Mercier Saga #25 - Leisure
The Riviera collection is more than just a watch; it's an invitation to embrace a carefree lifestyle and celebrate the little pleasures in life. With its multi-faceted design and dodecagonal shape, this collection captures the essence of sport-chic style and self-confidence. Whether you're sailing along the coast or enjoying a leisurely moment with friends, the Riviera is the perfect companion for all your laid-back adventures. Its timeless charm effortlessly adapts from casual to chic, making it a versatile and reliable partner for any occasion. Follow our 36 stories to discover the essence of our Maison, next episode coming soon!
View Riviera 10716
Riviera 10716
The Riviera Azur 300m 10716, the ultimate companion for your aquatic adventures. This timepiece is perfect for those who seek both style and functionality. Its 30 ATM water resistance impresses and allows you to enjoy various aquatic activities without worrying about damaging your watch. The unidirectional rotating bezel in aluminium helps you calculate dive times, making it a valuable companion for beach days, jet-ski escapades, sailing trips, snorkeling, or catching waves while surfing. With its chic sporty design, this timepiece is the perfect statement piece that will elevate your summer style.. Dive in style and conquer the seas with the Riviera Azur 300m 10716.
View Baume & Mercier Saga #26 - Our performance in depths
Baume & Mercier Saga #26 - Our performance in depths
The Riviera Azur 300m is a direct descendant of the Riviera Diver launched in 1981. With a 42mm diameter and a Baumatic Manufacture movement onboarded, this timepiece is both sturdy and reliable. The sun satin-finished and polished stainless steel uni-rotating bezel features a blue anodized aluminum ring with notches, making it easy to calculate dive times. The specially shaped H/M hands and seconds hand with open-worked Phi logo add a touch of elegance to the design. TheRiviera Azur 300m also comes with an integrated grained and satin-finished blue rubber strap, making it a perfect companion for all your aquatic adventures. All in all, this watch is the ultimate choice for those who want to ride the ocean waves in style. Follow our 36 stories to discover the essence of our Maison, next episode coming soon!
View Baume & Mercier Saga #27 - Our performance in speed
Baume & Mercier Saga #27 - Our performance in speed
With the new RivieraChrono, you can rely on precision chronograph to measure every second and conquer new horizons. The sandblasted titanium bezel is durable and resistant to your daily challenges, while the rubber strap can withstand all temperatures and frictions. This timepiece features three counters that will push your routine's limits, making it more than just a watch - it's a statement of your unwavering determination. With the Riviera on your wrist, you can make speed your ally and turn every achievement into a testament to your drive. Follow our 36 stories to discover the essence of our Maison, next episode coming soon!
View Riviera 10720
Riviera 10720
Discover the dynamic allure of the Riviera 10720 as it adorns your wrist with a graceful touch. Our latest addition to the Riviera collection boasts a 39mm size, providing a great balance between modern and sporty aesthetics. You'll appreciate how it seamlessly blends sport-chic details with the utmost realiability to give your style a touch of timeless allure.
View Baume & Mercier Saga #28 - Excellence
Baume & Mercier Saga #28 - Excellence
In the history of Baume & Mercier, excellence isn't just a pursuit; it's a tradition woven into the creation of every watch. Our dedication to horological mastery extends beyond the ticking hands, encompassing a fusion of heritage and contemporary ingenuity. With each meticulously craft timepiece, we transcend the bounds of time, creating not just watches but enduring symbols of refined elegance and technical prowess. Welcome to a world where precision meets passion, and every movement is a stroke of horological genius!
View Baume & Mercier Saga #29 - Haute Horlogerie
Baume & Mercier Saga #29 - Haute Horlogerie
The Riviera Perpetual Calendar is the epitome of Riviera watchmaking expression. We've taken inspiration from the complete calendar born in 1987 and modernized it into a high-class timepiece infused with all the best elements of Baume & Mercier savoir-faire and Riviera design signature. This exceptional timepiece features a perpetual calendar, which tracks the time, date, day, month, and moon phases with incredible accuracy. With the Riviera 10742, you're not just wearing a watch, you're carrying a masterpiece of precision and craftsmanship on your wrist. Follow our 36 stories to discover the essence of our Maison, next episode coming soon!
ABOUT Baume & Mercier

Founded in 1830 at the heart of Swiss Jura, Baume & Mercier enjoys international renown. From its workshops at the heart of Swiss Jura to its headquarters based in Geneva, Baume & Mercier offers its clients the very finest timepieces. Born by a complementary balance between an artistic approach to shape and watchmaking innovation in the service of the client, the Maison continues to mark the history of watchmaking by passing down the design and watchmaking expertise that is the Brand’s legacy. This savoir-faire perfectly corresponds with the spirit of cooperation between our founders William Baume & Paul Mercier: where classicism meets creativity, tradition meets modernity, and elegance meets character... In a more contemporary way than ever.

To learn more, please visit www.baume-et-mercier.com