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View Riviera 10742
Riviera 10742
Embark on a journey through time with the Riviera 10742. Witness the intricate dance of the perpetual calendar, a symphony of design and precision. From its vintage-inspired golden dial to the modern mastery of the Baumatic movement, the Riviera 10742 is more than a watch--it's a testament to the art of horology. Let its story unfold with every tick.
View Baume & Mercier Saga #22 - Our sport elegance
Baume & Mercier Saga #22 - Our sport elegance
It’s about style, elegance, self-confidence and distinctiveness. It’s about the Riviera genes. From the start, we wanted to give you an elegant add-on for everyday and extraordinary moments. It’s about wearing this timepiece every day and night, for sport and dinners. Follow our 36 stories to discover the essence of our Maison, next episode coming soon!
View Baume & Mercier Saga #23 - Elegance for men
Baume & Mercier Saga #23 - Elegance for men
It’s about listening to our clients and partners. It’s about adapting ourselves to the needs of the Baume & Mercier community. It’s about 3mm. It’s about the arrival of a 39mm Riviera Baumatic featuring all the best of the Riviera design and watchmaking content at a small scale. It’s about blue on metal, it’s about black on metal, it’s about the fusion of two-tone style, sandblasted titanium, and Baumatic power. Follow our 36 stories to discover the essence of our Maison, next episode coming soon!
View Baume & Mercier Saga #24 - Elegance for women
Baume & Mercier Saga #24 - Elegance for women
It’s about the perfect balance between a timepiece companion and an everyday gem for ladies. It’s about a new 33mm timepiece featuring a mix of silver and gold tones inspired by the unique light of the French Riviera. It’s about a bold purple dial that will make you stand out from the crowd in all circumstances. Follow our 36 stories to discover the essence of our Maison, next episode coming soon!
View Clifton 10736
Clifton 10736
Embrace the epitome of elegance with the Clifton 10736. This refined timepiece, adorned with a rose gold case, unveils the mesmerizing Baumatic Date and Moon Phase movement. The dial's soothing white hue echoes the rhythm of time's passing moments. Complemented by a brown alligator leather strap, the Clifton 10736 stands as a symbol of timeless sophistication. Allow the moon phase to guide your days and nights, a celestial dance captured within this horological masterpiece.
ABOUT Baume & Mercier

Founded in 1830 at the heart of Swiss Jura, Baume & Mercier enjoys international renown. From its workshops at the heart of Swiss Jura to its headquarters based in Geneva, Baume & Mercier offers its clients the very finest timepieces. Born by a complementary balance between an artistic approach to shape and watchmaking innovation in the service of the client, the Maison continues to mark the history of watchmaking by passing down the design and watchmaking expertise that is the Brand’s legacy. This savoir-faire perfectly corresponds with the spirit of cooperation between our founders William Baume & Paul Mercier: where classicism meets creativity, tradition meets modernity, and elegance meets character... In a more contemporary way than ever.

To learn more, please visit www.baume-et-mercier.com