Life moments: The wedding

Clifton 10052 & Promesse 10160

They promised undying love before finally celebrating nuptial bliss. And what fine watches they have chosen to bear witness to their life together! A Promesse forged in steel, protected by a sapphire glass, is as perfect as love, marrying a round case with an oval bezel, the hallmark of this emblematic collection. Meanwhile, the Clifton captures the passion of watchmaking with its pearly bridges, hands in blue steel, and silver-plated dial finished with a sunray pattern. And so our newlyweds set off in search of sunshine...

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Although the excitement of the party is over, the celebration will continue in style.

Emotions still fizz like champagne, mascara runs from tears of joy… A collar bears a trace of the bride’s lipstick. Signs of the evening’s festivities are everywhere.

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The bride wears a sweet summer dress, cheeks glowing, and her Promesse is on her wrist. He sports his Clifton mounted on an alligator strap to proclaim his masculinity. The couple are ready to embark on their honeymoon, with just enough time to share one last coffee with their nearest and dearest.

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At the airport, the newlyweds check the time, then embrace, dreaming of all the magical moments that await them. Let the celebrations begin! #Celebration #Honeymoon #Clifton #Promesse