Mother's day

Tic, toc, tic, toc, the nostalgic moment is approaching...

Each Mother's Day is undoubtedly a memorable occasion, and so are the gifts that go with it: a slightly wonky noodle necklace, a milk carton decorated with grains of rice that have long since worn off, or the unforgettable drawing that still graces the fridge with its touching words. #MOMYOURETHEBEST

Your mom gapes with wonder. This is the greatest gift in the world! Of course it is, since it is a present from HER child. Affordable luxury, but priceless in her eyes, because it was made by your beloved little hands. Today you know that. Sure, your gift might not have been the greatest, but it was awaited and acclaimed with the honors of a masterpiece in a contemporary art Biennale. #AMOTHERSWORDS

Mom: the true heroine of modern times, a woman with thousand-and-one lives. What if, today, you could make her time a little more beautiful? What it takes is a luxurious accessory – but not an ostentatious one – that could adorn her wrist without being intrusive. An object that tells the time and goes completely beyond it. A present in steel or alligator skin that symbolizes your connection with the unique, irreplaceable one who is, necessarily, the greatest mom of all: your own.

Happy Mother's Day!