Classima gold

Accessible treasures
What would life be without love, without happy, memorable events that are such a joy to celebrate? With two new emblematic creations, the watchmaker Baume & Mercier gives you the chance to keep these magic moments close to you forever. His and hers matching 18K red gold Classima mechanical watches at an affordable price.

Gold, luxury made to last...
A Classima watch with a case in 18K gold, the ultimate precious metal which highlights the watch's pure lines and elegant proportions. From among the different shades of gold, Baume & Mercier immediately selected red gold, the warmest of all.


Gold is synonymous with many ideals, but above all with durability and luxury. 
Used from the beginning of time for ornaments, jewelry or religious items, gold has always been considered eternal. The same goes for these precious timepieces which are handed down from generation to generation, given from father to son, mother to daughter. The brightness, brilliance and splendor of gold all symbolize the sun—its luminosity and its warmth. Which is exactly why gold is associated with joy and celebrations, making it a natural companion to parties, to birthdays. In the same way that this Classima Gold watch duo becomes a gift for special occasions. Gold represents love. Like a wedding ring or jewel offered from one to another, this pair of Classima Gold watches, a pledge of faithfulness, is a symbol of an eternal partnership. Gold seals a destiny and Baume & Mercier offers two precious time pieces to mark this engagement.


The mechanism, a demonstration of expertise...
A watch is not a simple jewel that also gives the time. It's the product of a time-honored expertise perpetuated by master watchmakers working together with traditional craftsmen. These Classima Gold watches, beyond the perfect balance created by the combination of the white dial with gold indexes and hands, are symbols of watchmaking expertise. Equipped with a self-winding calibre, they display their mechanism via a sapphire crystal case back showing the oscillating weight embellished with a “Côtes de Genève” décor.


An investment...
Amongst the most expensive metals, gold is considered an investment. Consequently, these Classima Gold watches become an investment to give as a gift or treat oneself. Two treasures which are both accessible and authentic. Baume & Mercier carefully selects its prices, making it possible to accompany life's precious moments and feelings by sharing its creations, even those made in gold, with the greatest number of enthusiasts. And it does this by offering two watches stamped with the famous eagle-head poinçon accompanied by a creation in solid gold. Baume & Mercier's Classima Gold, two exceptional watches which celebrate memories and brighten up the future. Two timeless watches, in his and hers versions—a duo that makes a perfect gift for the end of year holidays.