First released in 1973, the Riviera expresses the Brand’s expertise in design and its exquisite use of materials. This recently revisited lifestyle icon with pure, taut lines is immediately recognizable with its twelve-sided bezel and sport-chic silhouette. Today, Baume & Mercier asserts its full maturity with two unprecedented 42 mm GMT versions. The Riviera never ceases to reinvent itself. It loves travel. It loves life.

The Riviera was first developed in 1973 and has adapted to every era, year after year, while staying true to its special style. For nearly fifty years, the unique design of this watch – with its steel case and strong shape – embodies a desire for liberty, an offbeat elegance, and a taste for pleasure. It expresses the art of living of the French Riviera through both its look and its watchmaking genes. This is the watch of casual elegance like no other. In 2021, Baume & Mercier presented the fifth-generation Riviera, which continues to uphold the Brand’s expertise, capturing the signs of our modern times to better revisit them. Two GMT versions are being released this year, like an invitation to travel, to continue showing Baume & Mercier’s distinctive expertise in the subtlety of its shapes, its desire for boldness, and its sense of design.

Riviera GMT M0A10659 and M0A10658: Travel time

A dodecagonal bezel with twelve sides and four screws, a 42 mm steel case, and a self-winding Swiss Made movement: the two new Riviera GMT watches respect tradition while turning resolutely to the future. The original design is still there, but so is the desire to adapt to our times. The latest additions to the Riviera collection, these two new variations immediately convey the evocative power of the original 1973 model. They share the same shape, spirit and function. These travel watches feature a fourth hand so the wearer may instantly read the time in a second time zone. This red central fourth hand rotates around the dial every 24 hours, precisely indicating the time in the travel destination on an understated, peripheral hour scale. The two new Riviera GMT watches are available in two versions: with a blue dial (blue rubber strap) or silver dial (steel strap) featuring a tone-on-tone sun-satin finish and wave decoration transfer for the blue dial that is transparent for the silver dial. Of course, its scratch-proof sapphire crystal has anti-glare coating on both sides, while its octagonal crown asserts a Phi logo engraving in relief and a red line. This back-and-forth play between classic and casual extends to the strap. Thanks to the reliable, robust “Fast Strap” interchangeability system, it is easy to change from one style to another with no need for tools.  Technically flawless and water-resistant to 100 meters, these two new timepieces embody the Brand’s vision of modern watchmaking while fulfilling the expectations of the most exacting globetrotters.

ABOUT Baume & Mercier

Founded in 1830 at the heart of Swiss Jura, the Baume & Mercier watch manufacture enjoys international renown. From its workshops at the heart of Swiss Jura to its headquarters based in Geneva, the Brand offers its clients the very finest timepieces. Borne by a complementary balance between an artistic approach to shape and watchmaking innovation in the service of the client, the Baume & Mercier House continues to mark the history of watchmaking by passing down the design and watchmaking expertise that is the Brand’s legacy. This savoir-faire perfectly corresponds with the spirit of cooperation between the Brand’s founders William Baume & Paul Mercier: where classicism meets creativity, tradition meets modernity, and elegance meets character... In a more contemporary way than ever. In 2021, Baume & Mercier unveils new, exacting models that demonstrate the Brand’s change of direction as it sets its sights on new horizons. Today, more than ever before, Baume & Mercier is designing a collective, collaborative, responsible watchmaking approach shaped by design and creativity in order to lay the ground for cooperation and the sharing of experiences. Still in step with the times, the Brand is proud of this dynamic energy and of its attentiveness to social progress.