Baume & Mercier, Commitment to Quality

Quality is a prerequisite for all new developments at Baume & Mercier. Everything else flows from it. Beyond the "visible" design, a watch is defined by characteristics that are "invisible" but essential for measuring its value. These include reliability and performance, customer service, the capacity to be repaired, the image and ethics of the brand. These are just a few of the many elements subject to ongoing attention at Baume & Mercier.


Impeccable quality is never questioned at Baume & Mercier: it is a natural prerequisite for all new developments. This philosophy informs every creative project that the Maison undertakes, subscribing to an overall vision. It is the reason why a single director is responsible for the development of each product, its production, and corresponding customer service. This organizational method promotes numerous benefits for the quality of the watch, ensuring that everything works perfectly at every stage of the creative process.




Thinking ahead for the duration

Although Baume & Mercier submits its watches and their components to a variety of production tests, it is ahead of time where the majority of production is decided. Brainstorming, meticulously planning, and outlining every last detail before pen is even put to paper is where the real challenge lies. Although quality assurance is essential, thinking ahead from the outset and anticipating all the requirements in the production, sale and use of a watch is much more efficient. Designing a watch also means imagining the life of the object years down the line, and considering questions of repairs, component logistics and production, along with legal issues to ensure that the product, its environment and the services it comprises comply with diverse national and regional legislation.












Systematic rigor

Every stage in the production of a Baume & Mercier watch is subject to rigorous tests and checks - and the same applies to the movement - the component of a watch consisting of the greatest number of elements. They both have to be intrinsically reliable. Once the first watches are assembled, the pre-series are tested on the wrist by Baume & Mercier employees. Improvements are then made as needed. Once production in series is launched, all feedback - no matter how minor - is analyzed to identify any problems and correct them. All of these observations are documented so as to enhance future development guidelines.

For this, the return of watches under warranty provides irrefutable proof. It’s impossible to cheat with such evidence. Testament to the virtuous circle engaged in by Baume & Mercier, the ratio of watches returned under warranty (already one of the lowest in the industry) has been falling steadily for several years.



Our customers are central to Baume & Mercier; quality is not an empty promise. The most common reasons for a watch from the Maison to be brought to a service center for repair are shocks and magnetism problems. These factors are both external to the production process.

Our customers have always been the focus at Baume & Mercier. With service and repair centers in more than 100 countries, we aim to meet their needs in close proximity to their geographical locations. However, for the most complicated timepieces, those produced in small series, and vintage models, watches are sent to Baume & Mercier at Les Brenets in the Neuchâtel Jura region, to be serviced or repaired in the hands of the watchmakers with the most experience of this type of exclusive product.



Baume & Mercier is committed to keeping components in stock for all of the contemporary timepieces, meaning all those produced in the last 20 years. For older timepieces, the Maison is committed to helping our customers restore their watches. The vision for this is clear: when a customer acquires a Baume & Mercier today, he can be confident that he will be accompanied by the brand for the next 200 years.


Beyond the visible

Because a watch is first and foremost a design in the eyes of the customers, Baume & Mercier pays close attention to this aspect of the creative process. Yet, beyond their design, the watches bear a host of non-visible elements their reliability, performance, price, guarantee, ability to be serviced or repaired, and brand image. All of these non-material aspects are critical when purchasing a luxury watch. For this reason, a Baume & Mercier will always be so much more than just a watch.


ABOUT Baume & Mercier

Baume & Mercier, watchmakers since 187 years, has always been a generous Maison that expresses watchmaking excellence in all its creations and through a simple, consistent motto devised by its founders: “Accept only perfection, only manufacture watches of the highest quality”.

Current collections include the Clifton and Clifton Club collections that feature an urban character and the sporty-chic Capeland, the timeless Classima and My Classima and the rectangular shaped Hampton. Dedicated lines for women are offered through Linea, the sparkling and daring line and Promesse, the new offering, a refined blend of elegance and preciousness.

Time captured within a Baume & Mercier watch is mainly marked by the rare, exceptional moments that punctuate a lifetime. The Maison celebrates these as a vibrant witness of these unforgettable moments filled with a wealth of emotion.

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